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Reaching Your Audience

The most surefire way
to reach someone
is to solve a
problem for them

Five Star Design and Marketing

We’re part ‘old school’ part ‘new school’.

We believe in competitive strategic planning, clear copywriting, and simple design. At the same time, we develop and employ the latest tech tools to squeeze the maximum result from everything from site optimization to managing customer relations in the millions.

Our ability to combine the expertise traditionally found in multinational advertising agencies while operating in cyberspace is a potent partnership for many clients, particularly those with a Brand to protect. It is critical to them that we play by marketing rules first and use technology to execute strategy - not as a substitute for it.

Scrutinize the work we have done for others and you’ll quickly know if this is a style of thinking, design and writing that can work for you. It doesn’t have to be a website. From annual reports to ad campaigns, from naming new products to designing new logos, if it involves communicating complex yet subtle messages of any sort to any group, our creative team has big-time, big-league credentials.

And if it is a website we have tricks and tools that can not only blow your socks off, they’ll also blow the socks off the other major players

Welcome to Five Star Design and Marketing. Contact us today to see how we can bring your design to life!