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Reaching Your Audience

The most surefire way
to reach someone
is to solve a
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ECommerce is one of the most important aspects to emerge from the internet. It allows you to exchange goods and services immediately with no restrictions of time or place. At any time of the day or night, you can go online and buy anything you want.

However, creating a successful online eCommerce presence can be difficult and confusing if you don't know and understand the concepts and principles behind eCommerce. To entre this market smoothly you first need to find out all that is required before you start.

There are several basic steps involved before having an eCommerce site.

  1. 1. Finding a company who is experienced, and understands building a successful ecommerce site
  2. 2. A web hosting company who can look after the details today and in the future
  3. 3. Provide solid product and service information (content) on the web site
  4. 4. Defining your target audience
  5. 5. Building an ecommerce web site that suits the target audience and is user friendly
  6. 6. Obtain a Digital Certificate, also known as an SSL Server Certificate
  7. 7. Find a Provider of Online Transactions
  8. 8. Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software

An experienced ecommerce developer also knows that some server-side modifications will most likely need to be done for the search engines to effectively spider your web site for people to find your site.

Five Star Design understands ecommerce, shopping systems but hosting ecommerce web sites for client's who require their sites to be up 24 / 7.