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purpose Design to communicate

Designs with purpose

Reaching Your Audience

The most surefire way
to reach someone
is to solve a
problem for them


If it doesn't work for the intended audience, it will fail

For some sites, the purpose is obvious. A retailer wants ecommerce, a professional regulatory organization wants to provide regulatory information and criteria, a non-profit group wants members to be able to access current information and make donations online.

It is important to understand and identify the following four points let the professionals at Five Star Design guide each step of the way.

1) The goals of the site - What the purpose? What do you hope to gain?

2) The design - What do you want to communicate by way of the "look" of the site?

3) The intended audience - Who are you trying to reach?

4) The content - What specific information, for this audience / for this goal, must the site provide?

Whether it's your web design or a marketing campaign, the purpose needs to be fully understood and outlined prior to any brainstorming.