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Reaching Your Audience

The most surefire way
to reach someone
is to solve a
problem for them


Five Star Design can provide you a comprehensive overview of reporting for your website and your advertising and marketing campaigns. Deciding which campaign and creative pulled the best results is now easier than ever with Five Star Design.

Real-time intelligence allows you to modify or continue ads and creative, quickly.

Reporting is done by campaign and by individual projects within the campaign telling you qty. sent/confirmed, cost of add, cost of list, cost of creative, cost of delivery, follow-up costs, total costs, the cost per sale, total sales, and cost per lead. Not only does the reporting tell you the quantities but the percentage this represents of the campaign.

Our email marketing reporting provides the following results:
Qty. Sent
Delivery Statistics
Opt Outs
Email Opens
Links Click
Form Completes
Cost / Lead

What is the return on investment of my advertising campaigns?

What content, products or services do visitors prefer?

where are my visitors getting frustrated and not finding the information they are looking for on my site?

which search engines and portals are referring the most visitors to my site?

How do I identify significant trends?

How can I improve online customer support?


By using the services of Five Star Design, you can maximize your marketing campaigns, improve web customer experience, enhance site design, and attract more visitors to your site.